50ml Stainless Steel Adjustable Continuous Drench Tool Vaccine Syringe

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50ml Stainless Steel Adjustable Continuous Drench Gun Vaccine Syringe

Specification: Material: Stainless steel, Plastic Color: Blue Volume: 50ml Accuracy: 0.5ml Operating temperature: -20C to 120C Size LxW: 34 x 24.5cm

Features: 1. Safe to use, because drencher is drugs injected into cattle after oral suit by the animals themselves into the body, than in mandatory method into more security. 2. Wide using range: drencher is not only suitable for liquid fuel, at the same time can also be applied to a variety of flake, granule and powder veterinary drugs. 3. Convenient operation, time saving, energy saving, such as only one operator to small livestock than without the use of feeding artificial feeding of the two operating more time, manpower, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. 4. Feeding with high efficiency, suitable for large groups of livestock prevention and treatment of disease. 5. Simple structure, flexible operation, easy to use, easy to carry.

Usage: For the tool of animal infusion medicine treatment. Irrigation quantity continuously adjustable Dual purpose: Injection, infusion medicine

Animals: Pigs, cattle, sheep, horse, donkey and mule, dogs and other animals.

Package Included: 1 x 50ml Continuous Drench Gun Spare parts kit

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